It changed her life.

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Story Synopsis

LineDance The Series, begins with the story of a successful single mom, Tracy, who leaves her city home to help her ailing mother.
She decides that the best support she can offer would come by return mom and their family to their roots, a small town where her mother grew up. While her mother adjusts well, Tracy struggles to fit in until a chance encounter with a line dancer at a local saloon.
Her outlook on life will soon change and her life path will move in a direction she would never have anticipated.

LineDance is based on events that took place in a small rural community somewhere in North America.

Our Vision

The First Interactive TV Series

For the first time in history, you can be a part of every episode of a television series.

Each episode of LineDance The Series will feature an original new line dance or country and western style dance that will be available for download in the form of a step-sheets as well as a teach and demonstration video.

Our Mission

At LineDance Entertainment, our mission for LineDance The Series and it's subsidiary brands are to cultivate, nurture and grow the country music and country and western styles of dancing by providing creative opportunities, showcasing talent and celebrating arts at a global capacity.

Promoting Talent

Our goal is provide musicians, dancers, actors, singers and choreographers an avenue to promote their art in front of a global audience. We will be featuring original music and choreographed dances throughout the series.


LineDance The Series is currently in the early stages of pre-production. The series launch is tentatively scheduled for late 2019, with the pilot slated to shoot in the Spring. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter for all the latest developments on the series and from LineDance Entertainment.


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